Team Serenity

Dr. Chaya has over 14 years of professional experience and currently working as chief ayurveda physician and counsellor at serenity wellness institute. She has worked in one of India’s premier business schools- IIM Bangalore as well as Alliance University. She has also been consultant physician and yoga consultant with several other health centres. She is a certified counsellor and has been practicing counselling with immense success and has handled hundreds of cases fruitfully over the years. Her wellness sessions are designed with a blend of modern medical science, traditional Indian Ayurveda and wisdom gained through her practices over the years.

She has also conducted wellness session for several corporate sectors. These sessions have been very well received. Abroad, she has conducted wellness workshops on 'stress management' and cyclic mediation on invitation from several universities in USA like Cleveland State University, Case Western University, Kent University, and Jewish Community Centre.

She is also involved in high quality research and has published in several medical journal and attended national and international conferences. Her primary focus of research is in integrating Yoga, Ayurveda and Psychology.

Dr. Chaya
BAMS, MSc[Psychology], MSc[Yoga], PhD

Ms. Sampritha Suresh has completed her Msc in clinical psychology from Manasa Gangothri, University of Mysore and MPhil in Psychology, on sleep disorders and relaxation therapy from Christ University.

She has attended workshops on skill enhancement, wellness & supervision and psychotherapy from NIMHANS. Neurophysiology and electrophysiology from Axxonet brain research laboratory. Working as a counseling psychologist, she has dealt in the areas of relationship counseling, Marital counseling, family counseling, Learning disability, conduct disorder, gadget addiction, career counseling, low self-esteem, cultural differences and diversity, gender identity, sleep disturbances, Stress management and anger management.

She has conducted several soft skills and social skill training, sex education, peer counseling workshops. Psycho educational classes for students, Parental guidance for skilful parenting and awareness program on learning disabilities. She has been instrumental in conducting fest, workshops and programs to demystify mental health among youth to bring in a positive light on the issues.

With a belief that trust and competence as a strong quality in every individual, she helps her clients come up with practical solutions thus making solution focused therapy being her main area of expertise.

She also conducts CBT(Cognitive behaviour therapy), REBT (Rational emotive behaviour therapy), relaxation therapy (sensory active and breathing), JPMR(Jacobson muscle relaxation technique), art therapy and systematic desensitization. She is skilled to assess using protective techniques, screening and psychometric assessments.

Sampritha Suresh
MSc, MPhil (Clinical Psychology)

Dr Rachana has completed her Undergraduation from Sushrutha Ayurvedic Medical College and Hospital (SAMCH) in collaboration with SVYASA UNIVERSITY Jigani Bangalore, affiliated to RAJIV GANDHI INSTITUTE OF HEALTH SCIENCES. She is doing her postgraduation at Shri Shri College of Ayurveda and Research and Hospitals (SSCARH) in department of Dravyaguna.

She has about 3 years of experience in Clinical Ayurveda and is working as Ayurveda Doctor at SERENITY WELLNESS INSTITUTE and has gained expertise in Panchakarma and Skin Disorders, Joint Disorders and Metabolic Disorders during her practice. She has participated as Lecturer in many training programmes for international students in basic principles of Ayurveda.

Dr. Rachana Lakshmish
BAMS, MD[Dravya Guna]

Dr. Vasudha A is a professor and consultant Ayurveda surgeon has over 13 years of clinical and over 11years of academic experience.

She has done her graduation and postgraduation in shaya Tantra from GAMC .

Her field of expertise is Kshara Sutra and other Para surgical procedures in the management of anorectal conditions. She presently works as professor in the department of Shalyatantra in Sushrutha Ayuveda Medical College in S-Vyasa, Jigani Bengaluru. She is a visiting consultant surgeon (Ayurveda) in various clinics.

She has successfully treated challenging cases of fistula in-ano, haemoroids , pilonidal sinus, hydraadnities suppuritiva with minimal recurrence rate. She has being guest speaker in CMEs and conducts various camps for rural population to bring cancer awareness.

Dr. Vasudha
BAMS, MS[Shalya Tantra]

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  • Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist
  • Asst. Professor of Prasooti Tantra & Stree Roga in Ayurvedic Medical College.
  • Practising Ayurvedic Antenatal and Postnatal care since 5 years.
  • Specialised in conducting normal deliveries through safe Ayurvedic approach.
  • Effective management of Menstrual Irregularities/Abnormalities through safe natural medicines.
  • Integrated approach in management of Infertility.
  • Certified specialist for 'Garbhasamskara' & 'Beejasamskara'.

Dr. Shreyes S
BAMS, MD[Prasooti Tantra & Stree Roga]