Psychological Counselling

Children Counseling

We at Serenity Wellness institute provide counseling services for children with Emotional Disturbances, Behavioral issues, Developmental Delays and ADHD.

The process follows a thorough understanding of the difficulties faced by the children, followed by appropriate interventions for the same.




Adolescent Counseling

The adolescent years are the most challenging phase of growing up which needs maximum attention and proper guidance.

We at Serenity wellness institute understand this and provide empathetic and supportive care for our young clients to face these difficulties.

We concentrate on the vast expanse of problems faced like stress, bullying, time management, peer pressure, career development and the new age problems faced by adolescents.



Relationship Counseling

Many relationships are troubled with conflict and become a source of pain instead of love and happiness. At Serenity Wellness, we work with couples through marriage counseling in individual and joint sessions in order to resolve relationship and marriage problems. Initial sessions of marriage counseling or couples counseling involve working with one partner at a time.

After some headway has been made individually, joint sessions are encouraged.In sum, we do our best to help both partners envision the healthy relationship they want to be in and work towards creating and sustaining it.

Although our key focus is the relationship, addressing self-growth and self-enhancement in each partner is inevitable as achieving comfort with oneself is the first step towards achieving comfort in relationships.


Adult Counseling

The increasing demands of the society put on an individual; from work to family relations and child care, become a cause of concern for the mental health of adults.

At Serenity wellness institute, we provide psychotherapy for such challenges faced by adults. We help clients develop self awareness and introspect on their problems, leading to Cognitive, Emotional & Behavioral transformation.