Special Packages

Bridal Package :

Beauty is not the final benchmark

When it comes to marriage there is wrong notion that the bridegrooms must enhance their physical faculties and brides their beauty.This is completely wrong as the girl is bound to under go physical changes after marriage. Proper care should be taken considering the facts that the longevity of the relation and the upbringing of the next generation

Pre & Post Maternity Packages :

Motherhood is a culmination of womanhood...

The quintessential for the survival of the future generations. Pregnancy involves three major stages Pre natal, child birth and post natal. During all these stages should be pregnant woman should be given utmost care.In India the practice of normal delivery is being replaced by cesarean or delivery with aid of pain killers.

Feminine Package :

Enjoy Life without Tantrums, everyday...

Feminine life is often associated with mystery and is tumultuous in varying aspects. Right from puberty till menopause and even after the fairer sex undergoes several physical and mental turbulences. Women share more responsibility in the modern times with the number of women taking up responsible profession on the rise.

Health Maintenance package :

Remember, your body too needs maintenance...

At times most of us feel an uneasiness symptoms of which rarely can be expressed in words. The feeling of tiredness, irritability or troubles of the stomach or body ache which will last for shorter duration will affect our moods and capability to work.Chronic diseases account for 53% of deaths in India, more than that of the infectious diseases.


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